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About Me

Hey there!

If you're visiting my site, you probably already know that I'm Esther and I'm a front end web developer based out of Toronto, and a full time instructor at - and graduate of - Juno College.

What you may not know about me is that I am an avid tea drinker, a fan of reaction gifs and any kind of cookie. I have a cat named Riley and I'm ok with pineapple on pizza, but not olives.

My Skills

2018 Bootcamp Projects

Please note: some of these sites may not be fully functional at this time

Booze Studio

Using the LCBO and MusixMatch API, we use a quiz to determine the user's ideal karaoke song and liquid courage drink of choice

HTML // Sass // JQuery // JavaScript // Pair Programming // API // Responsive


A single page PSD conversion

HTML // CSS // Responsive

Lovin' Ipsum

A cheeky app that allows the user to generate a short bio for their online dating app of choice.

HTML // Sass // Responsive // jQuery // JavaScript


Using the Google Maps and Zomato APIs, we created a website that allows a user to find a restaurant based on their selected location.

HTML // Sass // Responsive // React // Firebase